Who Am I?

Toni Saarinen

Senior Consultant

Microsoft 365 & Intelligent Work

Innofactor, Espoo, Finland

I’m working around topics of Modern Workplace, teamwork, how to support change in organizations and especially with finding ways how customers can get most benefits out of their Microsoft 365 cloud platform with their paid licenses (aka “Benefit Mining”).

My current daily activities consists of:

  • Working closely with the Microsoft 365, a modern way to work and digital transformation overall with a technical twist
  • Making sure customers will get benefits out of their Office 365 / Microsoft 365 tools and licenses
  • Facilitating workshops related to deploying Office 365 and Microsoft 365 services, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft PowerPlatform and also how to enable & support modern work in organizations
  • Modern Workplace solution architectures and “Low Code” approach implemenations => My focus is always try to solve customer needs through out-of-the-box approach and extend implemenations with Azure Functions, GraphAPI, PowerPlatform, PowerShell, SPFX only if absolutely needed
  • Helping customers with Office 365 / Microsoft 365 roadmaps and ensuring the effective usage of their cloud platforms
  • Sales support functions, technical presales and offers

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